invading my dreams

they say a picture worth a thousand words but a touch worth a thousand emotions.

I couldn’t remember it better, we; leaning towards each other   and I touching your lips with mine. stealing time right of the clock.
although we can’t feel dreams, I woke up as if I was awake in another world , checking the tenderness I felt on my lips, I closed my eyes knowing you invaded my dreams.

it was not my lips that you kissed, you kissed the soul I own.

– Self

“I felt it, when you had a dream about us kissing. 

Yes, I did feel it. 

My lips were swollen, yours were dry… Our faces were too close, I felt your breath over my nose. 

The tip of my tongue touched your upper lip and although I wanted to push my lips against yours and kiss you insanely, you slowly did that. Tenderly. With love. 

This is when I knew, I no longer accept a kiss only filled with lust. 

Love was warmer.”

-lost soul


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