thoughts are pouring into a blue waterfall were I don’t intend to arrange the slightest obstacles were they carry the memory of you.
And when the night comes it’s only the moon light that reflects on your skin, silk between my fingers. their we lay where the stars looking at us as an oil painting over the green canvas in motion were the brush still moving down as we’re counting them.
their were I frame the constellation of hearts all over the black sky, whispering i love you over and over till my tongue goes numb by kiss of yours that I’ll wake up to , saying morning softly in one breath, witnessed by the standing trees cheering their leaves for us. feeling gripped as a character in a magical book that been written only for us to make it true.
I’m caught up by the existing of you never knowing how to describe the hypnotic captures you made inside me without cliches in my words.
and eventually this thought had turn to a poem like just like you’re one


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