Angel’s Wings

As your finger tips moving from my cheeks to the top of my lips
Down to my chest where my heart is
Calling your name with each pulse

As my face is laying on your shoulder;
Wrap your hands around me
I don’t need a kiss under the rain
Nor a bad intention for a dramatic scene

I want that wing of yours
Who can hold me and my soul
Leaving me awake in heaven
Where I’m writing our love story on earth
I want to be, Next to you
Keeping no room for air between our skins
Leaving a warm heat surrounding us

Listen to my silence.
Read my eyes.


2 thoughts on “Angel’s Wings

  1. Sofanah says:

    it’s really nice make us feel that we all need to be protected by an angel’s wings , it also shows the beauty of love , your writings are beautiful 🙂

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