Soaked in a maze
Shattered thoughts over the surface
Collided, needing to unite
Should I be worried? Deep inside?
Over the Whispers, the echo, demanded Your useless words.
But wait, you failed to deliver your lies
You won’t Imprisoned my mind, sir
I refuse to be a hostage of your haze
But worse, a quitter that might pay
I remember that time
When I longed to fly
The Rainbowed lenses, through the rays
Your blindness’ won’t affect me, no more
A scratch will be healed, cleaned
Therefore you’re nothing but memory
That I’ll learn from;
How I lightened my way
How I escaped your darkness, far away
Thus the circumstances
Thank you!
Yes I mean it, You.
How you made me stronger
By days.
Yet, I feel sad for you
Hidden in a Mask.
You didn’t figure out that line
Between two main stations
Birth and death, your life
Can you listen now?
That symphony
Turning backwards , irony
Now let me draw my line
My vision, my world, between the sides
Light crossed the sight
It was resolved, it’s time.


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