‏فهلْ مِن صَاحبٍ يرثي ‏لمَا ألقى فينعطف؟

‏أيقتلني الهَوى ظلماً

‏وما في النّاس لي خلفُ!

‏إذا كان الهوى خصمي

‏فقل لي: كيف أنتصفُ؟!

‏”محمود البارودي”

one of the blues

I’ve become numb, the perfect shade of blue. 

I wonder why people refer to numbness as a negative 

I believe, rotteing memories was the best part, and realizing I could’ve done that long ago was the worst part.

my words were pure mistakes you weren’t capable of, no wonder you got suffocated.


‘conditions of reality, and dream’

I’m oppressed by my own lungs. Hurts when I breathe. Splinters inside; likes to pick selectively; strangle away at me. My eyes are busy bleeding. Bleeding; on the sheets. Crying red. Grieve and grieve; wilting myself dead. Trying to refrain from activities; ones that help you fall. Exerted verve; just let me go. A monologue […]

Lost for words

I’m sorry I always want to talk to you, but can’t always find the words to say it. Because you’re not always free when I actually have the words on the tip of my tongue. And I don’t just say whatever comes to mind so that I don’t end up bothering you. Because that’s what […]